Cape Town

Central Cape Town

Cape Town Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

There are around 1,300 prostitutes registered in Cape Town, South Africa. Around 250 women are working as street prostitutes, with 964 women work as prostitutes in brothels or as independent workers. In addition, 30 men are registered as prostitutes in the city.

Prostitutes compete with each other for foreign seafaring clients. The ladies may be colleagues, but they're also rivals. Seeking to secure their own livelihoods, they deploy sneaky strategies to outwit their competitors. One particularly dangerous ploy is to undercut the competition by reducing the price for sex.

Price to for sex with prostitute in Cape Town is between R200 ($30) - R1000 ($150). depends of the quality, place and negotiation skills.

In fact, most women recognize that price gouging is a self-defeating strategy. Over time, guys may demand the cut-rate deals all the time. Ultimately, it drives down the value of the women's services, making it harder to make a living through sex work.

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Cape Town Female Escorts

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Red Light District

Freelancers prostitutes hangout at Nelson Mandela square. The cost for a quickly sex with hooker in Cape Town is R200 ($30) - R600 ($90). Some are good looking but they are all 7+.

Street Hookers / Prostitution

Demographic features of street-based sex workers

Most street-based sex workers solicit on the side of the road. They may see clients in their cars, or take them to hidden areas beside the road. Or they may take clients to their own house or flat, if they have one, or to an establishment that rents rooms by the hour.

The largest number of sex workers ply their trade in Voortrekker Road. This is a long stretch of road that runs from Salt River in the south, near the city centre, all the way to Belville in the north – a distance of about 30 kilometres. Along this road at various points sex workers wait for clients. Traffic is slowed by traffic lights set at regular intervals.

Closer to Salt River, the streets are lined with industrial buildings, which then transform into commercial sprawl as one travels a little further north into the lower- and middle-income residential areas of Goodwood, Parow and Bellville. Sex workers tend to work in this area late at night. The road is well lit, offering security and the opportunity to see and assess clients’ faces. Traffic lights allow clients to stop and turn into a side street without attracting too much attention.

On Voortrekker Road you will find women standing on corners, some dressed stereotypically in miniskirts and high heels. Others choose to blend in with more conservative dress. Although this makes it harder for clients to identify them as sex workers, it also provides them with a measure of protection from the police and others who may prey on them.

Women who work outdoors are more visible compared to those working in brothels, and hence more vulnerable. They face the threat of violence from the police, from clients, from the pimps of other sex workers (with whom they are in competition) and from opportunistic criminals (‘skollies’) who rob them of their earnings. Thirteen percent of streetbased sex workers told us they were afraid of gangsters or skollies who take their money and threaten to hurt them. One woman told us that her strategy to keep herself safe is to limit the number of hours she works. For others, violence or robbery is a regular, predictable risk of the work.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

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Some Top Strip Clubs in Cape Town:

  • Mavericks
Tel: 021 461 9988
68 Barrack Street
Cape Town, South Africa
Club Type: Nude
  • Phoenix Strip Teaze
Tel: +27 72 498 2918
207 Bree Street
Cape Town, South Africa
Club Type: Brothel/Escort Club


In and around Cape Town there are sex workers who were either working in brothels or self-employed ‘indoors’. This was a much larger number than working on the streets, most likely because working in brothels is safer and more anonymous than working on the street.

Overall there are around 100 brothels or agencies in Cape Town. Two-thirds of brothels were based in residential homes or flats in the suburbs, while a third were club type agencies or massage parlours.

Some massage parlours, licensed to operate as such, are also brothels behind the scenes. These types of business are less circumspect in their storefront advertising, leaving some room to misconstrue the nature of their business. Alcohol is almost never on sale inside. There are massage tables rather than beds in rooms. Massage is usually a part of the service, except that the service ends with masturbation of the client by the sex worker, or other services the client and sex worker may agree to.

Brothel-based sex workers tend to have higher levels of education than street-based sex workers. Almoust every worker in the indoor sector had completed at least some high school classes, and around 10 percent had some tertiary education.

Transsexuals / Shemales

There are few Shemale streetwalkers in Cape Town in places where are all the other hookers.

South African Transsexual escorts in Cape Town can also be found from different online pages.

Gay and Lesbian

South Africa has a diverse history when it comes to the legal and social status of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people as a result of traditional South African mores, colonialism, apartheid and the human rights movement that contributed to the downfall of apartheid. South Africa's post-apartheid constitution was the first in the world to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, and South Africa was the fifth country in the world, and the first in Africa, to legalize same-sex marriage.


  • The Hot House, Jarvis Street 18


  • Club Privilege, 5 Marine Circle,Blouberg Strand,Cape Town
Tel; +27 72 270 8650. Club is just a stone throw away from the beach, this club features 2 Dancefloors, 3 Bars, Lounge area....Big Sound & Amazing lighting.
  • Rosie's, 30 Chiappini Street
  • Lion Corner, 205 Lower Main Rd
  • Bar Code, 18 Cobern St.
  • Amsterdam Action Bar, 10 Cobern St
  • The Venue, 24 Napier Street. 1st floor
  • Navigaytion, 22 Somerset Road


  • Stargayzer, 12 Caxton Street
  • Garbo's Bar, 1 Link Road. Parklands Centre, Shop 7
  • Bubbles Bar, 125A Waterkant Street
Tel: +27 (0)72 277 2392. Amazing atmosphere, slightly dimmed, friendly, inviting venue with a great patio, spread across 2 levels. Best and hottest drag queens in Cape Town.
  • Crew Bar & Madisons, 30 Napier Street
Tel: +27 21 418 0118. This bar combines stylish decor, sexy bartenders and the best in Cape Town music - all centred around the best in venues with front and back open verandahs, VIP bar and dance floors.
  • Beaulah Bar, 30 Somerset Road
This is a mixed gay and lesbian bar. Mostly lesbians. (021) 421-6798
  • Café Manhattan, 74 Waterkant Street

Sexual Services for Women

Foreign men struggling to find work in South Africa are turning to the oldest profession and finding customers among South African women. Usually these male prostitutes accept what ever they get, but reports are saying the price tag is usually R1000-5000 for sex all night. You can find male gigolos from the clubs and tourist areas.

Sex Shops & Adult Stores


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Stay Safe

Although Cape Town has its share of violent crime, you are safe if you keep your wits about you as you should in every large city around the world. As a visitor, you are less likely to encounter problems while visiting the townships if you are escorted by a township resident—though you should not really venture into the townships without a fairly large group of accompaniment. Official township tours are your safest bet; revealing a very interesting lifestyle to the more curious tourists. The CBD (Central Business District) has been cleaned up over the years, but some con men and cholos do still exist, although during daylight police make themselves known. Simply put, leave everything you value—especially your papers and tickets—in your hotel room safe if you plan to stroll through Cape Town.

Foreigners should avoid hitchhiking or using local commuter and metro trains. Be aware of automated teller machine (ATM) con artists. Under no circumstances allow a stranger to assist you in your transactions. Should your card become stuck in the ATM, call the helpline number on display at the teller machine for assistance and to cancel your card.

During day time it is quite safe to walk around the city center. People and beggars are in general quite respectful and accept a "no". During the evening it is worth taking a taxi to and from your destination, rather than walking. Make sure you take a taxi card with you, so that you can have the driver meet you outside the bar or resteraunt.

Watch out for the mini bus taxis. They often drive like hell disobeyeing many traffic rules. Watch out for pickpocketing.

At night, make sure you stay on well-lit and crowded streets. Crime is especially high in Salt River, Observatory, Mowbray, and the Cape Flats.

Glue sniffing youngsters and junkies are a minor problem, called 'strollers' by the locals: these ragamuffins will strip you bare if you do not stay alert.

While driving in a car be more aware of people approaching the car at traffic lights for smash-and-grab theft. So don't leave valuables on the seats or your lap.

If you go to the mountains, go in a group of at least 4 people.

You should try not to appear to be a tourist, and you will not be targeted. Targeted tourists are generally spotted wearing cameras, shorts, jewellery and golf hats—try not to do this. Do what you can to blend in, and if anything happens—do not try to be a hero: rather, give them what they want

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