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Open Hours 24/7
Address 3135 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada 93402
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At Fabulous Las Vegas Escorts we try to keep up that old Las Vegas adult entertainment feel. From the time Las Vegas was built, it was meant for adults. There were no family accommodations. And the workers and builders of Las Vegas needed activities beyond the dangers of their day to day duties. Enter the adult entertainers. These girls filled a huge need for these brave men. Female companionship, fantasy fulfillment, and huge tits in the face filled these needs perfectly.

Fabulous Las Vegas Escorts is built, and run, on fulfilling these needs. The same as our original mentors. You work hard and save all year for a special Vegas vacation. You have heard about, and read all the stories. You now have a fantasy image stuck in your head about the explosive activities you are about to experience. Fabulous Las Vegas Escorts is here to help. And we are the best.

Founded by two best friends in 2004, this company has met all the highest standards of adult entertainment imaginable. Our motto is, “If we wouldn’t want to see her naked, neither will our customers.” So we promise to only send you girls that you want to see naked. The type boys fantasize about. And the type that men do something about. Welcome to our agency. You may now enter.


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Satisfying Las Vegas Escorts
JohnCarter123 22 February 2017
Amazing! I hired their escort once and had an amazing experience with her. They know very well how to turn you on. I will definitely hire them again.
Best Las Vegas Escorts Provider
Arianataylor 2 February 2017
Must checkout their services, They provide fabulous Las Vegas escorts as their name is.

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